5 Coffee Tables… for best relax

Our home… before it was just a house. How great it is when it also becomes our favourite place…This article is about a new way to use a great coffee table to make our relax even more relaxing.

Ok, we finally place our tired body on our favorite armchair. TV’s on but the program is annoying and the volume just too high. We hear a Whatsapp beep tone on our phone and at the same time we remember we have to finalize that order on amazon, but the laptop is somewhere in a bag – or was it the drawer upstairs?…

Seems we have to leave our armchair and come back with all sorts of electronic devices, cables and plugs… unless, we have, sitting beside our much loved favorite armchair a handy coffee table. The best one is approx 10o – 120 cm long, rectangular, about 45 cm tall and preferaby with a second shelf underneath the upper surface (we will have to place a multiple plug there so that we can have all our devices always charged and ready).

Ideal place for remotes control, a small lamp, a couple of books, ad of course all our phones and portable PCs, etc. will look great – as long as we dont clutter it…

Here there are 5 great ideas we’ve found around…

  • coffee-table-teak
    Teak – Natural Wood Decor

    THE TEAK WOOD CHOICE. This teak slat coffee table is from Natural Wood Decor.  It is “handcrafted from sustainable wood, finished in a natural oak or walnut oil that helps preserve the piece while adding a more warm, uniform tone to the grain”. 

Beautiful, natural look, for your lounge space. Great with a green designer table lamp on top.



  • cof-21-bluestone
    Bluestone and wood – Crate & Barrel

    BUESTONE AND WOOD – WARM AND UNIQUE. The one on the left is from Crate&Barrel. “…a warm welcome with its architectural modern farmhouse appeal. Gently weathered reclaimed pine and rugged bluestone cut a clean profile in durable natural materials perfect for family rooms and media rooms”.


  • industrial-coffee-table-from-rh
    Antiqued wood and steel – RH Restoration Hardware

    INDUSTRIAL APPEAL AND ANTIQUED WOOD. This designer coffee table from designer Luay Al Raw is at RH – Restoration Hardware. A “form meets function” design.  “A welded, riveted solid steel frame stands on caster wheels, while nicks, nails and imperfections speak of the wood’s age and provenance”.



Glass and light – Glas Italia

This pink LED luminuos coffee table definitely creates an atmosphere. Designed by Johanna Grawunder is from Glas Italia. We’ve found it on sale at madeindesign.co.uk . It has a dimmer and a shattered mirror effect decoration separated by thin coloured line


  • glass-and-metal-industrial-coffee-table-w-135cm-garibaldi-500-6-22-138930_1
    Metal and Glass – Maison Du Monde

    METAL, GLASS… AND ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT. We really love this coffee table, sold by Maison Du Monde. Its original design includes a crank handle to adjust the height. The top is totally trasparent, and the idustrial looks of its base will add a touch of contemporary style to every living space.


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