Welcome to Benjaray

Welcome to BenjaRay. We are a team of people passionate about home design, furniture, accessories, home technology: We’re here here to post some ideas and suggestions to give your home a unique look – together with the best deals available online.

Yes, because we believe that the place where you live will really be your home when you’ll make it the best place to be for you and your family. This does not necessarily means investing a big budget on renovations and expensive furniture. It means being inspired and creative.

We will give you some ideas, show you real products that can be found on the internet, not just designer prototypes or gorgeous pictures (even if we absolutely adore both of them!).

We know that the living space – even the most posh designer home – is not about still magazine pictures, it is an ever changing place. First we are a couple, then babies arrive, then they are toddlers and soon they’ll go to college. We are working from home, then from the office, then back home. We have people coming over, we may be sometimes on our own. We may live in our place for one year or forever.

You know, it is our home. Let’s love it 🙂

We are still working at this project – and still in the process of getting ready to publish many articles – so stay tuned.

The BenjaRay Team.

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